Circle Y Ranch

Training and Consigning Family and Performance Horses

Happy Customers

Purchasing a horse can be either a very rewarding experience or a very harmful experience. Please feel free to take a look at some of our past customers to see how happy they are with their purchases. Circle Y intends to sell sound, sane, and healthy horses in order to build lasting relationships with our customers. A happy horse owner makes for a happy horse.

The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy's have purchased 3 horses from Cirlce Y and here's what they have had to say,


"Thank you for all you have done! All the horses are so happy at their new home--they run to the gate everyday to meet us."





"Georgia is such a sweet girl. She will let Chelsea do anything with her--even ride bareback with nothing but a halter."




"We feel like we have the best horses ever and all the credit goes to you."



"Cheyenne, we cannot thank you enough for the work you put in. Chelsea rode all day long with just a halter. You have made a huge  difference in Chelsea's life. There's not much better for a little girl than a horse!"

Allison and Family

When Allison decided it was time to step up into a higher D and compete in more than just the youth classes, she came to Circle Y to look at Nuggets Sue Skipper. "Baby" was an APHA mare purchased by Circle Y as a patterned barrel horse that needed to be seasoned. 


We hauled, exhibitioned, and competed on Baby for almost one year before offering her for sale as a finished 2D barrel horse.  Alison's first time to ever ride Baby was at a Jackpot Barrel Race in Marshall, Texas. She did a couple of exhibitions and she was in love.

 They purchased Baby on the spot. Less than 2 months later we received e-mail notification that Allison and the newly re-named "Cowgirl" had won the 2D Youth class at her local NBHA show. And it wasn't long after that, that we received an e-mail link along with an invitation to watch Allison compete live in the NBHA World Finals with Cowgirl. They are still out there on the road today and making a great team! We wish them all the best in growing and learning together for years to come.   

Mrs. Charlcie

   Charlcie was looking for an older horse with a good disposition that she could trust to trail ride on. Something who had been there and done that, and would not be easily spooked or give her any attitude, so that she could truly enjoy her camping trips on horseback. Of course, I pointed out my beautiful three year old gelding and she said, "No thank you.". However, after just one ride on him, she knew he was different,

  I hauled Rolex to a couple different spots for Charlcie to try him out, she came to the farm a few times, and she was in love! Instead of buying rolex, she let a friend talk her into buying something older with more experience. three short months later, she called and told me the horrific story of how this horse had thrown her and ran her over putting her in the hospital. Her nerves had kept her from getting back on a horse since, but said she couldn't stop thinking about Rolex and wondering if she had just made a mistake. Luckily, he was still on the farm, and she came out to see him again. 

  Rolex now belongs to Charlcie, and they have had the best time together. He's been on day rides as well as overnight camps, and by her words "is usually one of the best behaved horses on the trip". We are so glad our boy was able to help Charlcie gain her confidence back and that they are now enjoying life together across the state.


Dan and Carolyn

Dan and Carolyn were looking for a good horse to just "ride around". Carolyn had a young horse that they weren't yet comfortable on and Dan didn't have a horse of his own. They drove almost 2 hours to Circle Y where they were greeted by Blaze.


Blaze was not the perfect gentleman that day as he made Dan work for everything. He could've just stopped, turned, or backed up when asked to, but that would have been too easy. Of course, he worked great for us to show him off to them, so they did get to see what he had to offer.

Dan and Carolyn decided they had other horses to look at and they weren't comfortable making a definite decision just yet. So, they packed up and drove home and a week later they were back in HI.

They kept in touch with Circle Y through phone and e-mail to keep a close watch on the progress of Blaze's training and possible sale to another family. Two weeks later, Circle Y hauled Blaze to the local PRCA Rodeo arena to use him on the drill team and to carry sponsor flags, knowing good and well that he had never done such a thing in his life. But Blaze handled the entire situation like a gentleman and with great poise.

That's when the offers came flowing in for Blaze as everyone wanted the "pretty white horse running with the flag". Thankfully for Dan and Carolyn, they called just in time to reserve Blaze for themselves and declare him sold! Blaze, now named Rodeo, will continue to be ridden by Circle Y and conditioned for his new owners exact needs until they return to TX from HI. We know they will be pleased with Rodeo and we will be just as pleased to send him to his new home with his very loving new owners.

The Flud Family

Congratulations to the Flud family from South Texas on their purchase of Hickory. We wish them all the best on their road to success and can't wait to hear about their 2013 victories! 

 Hangin Smart Hickory


Hickory is a short stocky bay mare foaled in March of 2007. At only five years old she shows potential and talent for a number of activities. Hickory has been used as a practice horse on an equestrian drill team and begun being patterned in barrels and poles in early November. She's been ridden by adults and children and has been exposed to many different environments. She was recently ridden by a 12 year old in the PRCA Rodeo Grand Entry and did a magnificent job and later that night was used by an older rider to run sponsor flags. At 14.2 hands, she is a little ball of fire! Fast, fast, fast, and has a huge whoa! Stop her, turn her, back her up, all with one hand. 

The Graves Family

Krystal Graves purchased a Circle Y Horse for her young daughter. "Dude" quickly became a family favorite and has been the perfect match for her 11 year-old daughter. They are making quite the team at their local playdays and other horsey functions.




Poncho is 3 year old gelding pony. He is a beatiful bay with lots of muscle and shape. His new owners are learning with him and love him dearly!


Cutting/Sorting Prospects Sold

JBS Cookie Dough

aka Cookie

Check out her amazing pedigree!  



 Smart Mischief

aka Smartee  

 SOLD as a step-up sorting horse for an amateur rider.




So Gabby Wood

aka Jager 

 SOLD to -L Ranch in West Texas